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Box to be transferred to the site to sign up and begin giving on line.

Or…you can use your smart phone and scan the QR Code below and this will also take you to the correct site.

We hope you will enjoy this new way of giving to Aldersgate UMC.

Ffice Staff In the Diamondville town hall we have three very hardworking individuals.

These people are responsible for running our town in a proper and legal manner.

Our clerk/treasurer does all of the work required to keep the town in compliance with the laws governing municipalities.

Our municipal judge makes sure the citizens brought before him are in compliance with the laws of the town and state.

And lastly, our town attorney makes sure we write appropriate ordinances to govern our community, and then stands behind us in a court of law.

Masonry serves as the backbone of your outdoor living spaces.

With our training and expertise, stone, brick and marble become terraces for gatherings, fireplaces to warm and cook, walks to move you, and garden walls to provide privacy and enclosure.

Our attention to detail ensures you will be captivated with the end product.

We are well versed in the use of natural stone materials – clay paving and face brick, natural paving stones including bluestone, lannon stone and marble, and weathered boulders.